Hot and Healthy September: The perfect breakfast scramble

It’s been proven that there is no better way to start your day than with a solid breakfast. It will help you pay attention better, give you more energy and help you kick the rest of your day in the butt. But there are so many breakfast options—the fried egg, the burrito, the omelet…what do […]

Know your drink: become a beer expert

A lot of students come into college only drinking the cheap stuff. Sure, Natty Light is easy to chug, but every once in a while don’t you want to enjoy a beer? There are a ton of varieties besides water-flavored, and most everyone can find a type of beer that they enjoy. So look through […]

Growing the mid-Michigan zine community

Growing up in the information age, many of us in our 20s can’t imagine a world without the Internet as a place to write about the music we like, our social views or our cultural interests. Hanging from the ceiling of the Michigan State University’s Residential College of Arts and Humanities (RCAH) LookOut! Gallery in […]

Hot & Healthy April: Grilled Chicken Breast with Avocado Salsa

We’ve finally made it to summer again. After all the classes, projects and finals, why not relax by making yourself a nice meal? Okay so for a lot of you this doesn’t sound relaxing, but maybe tuck this recipe aside and make it sometime after you de-stress. It’s a great meal to kick off summer. […]

Hot & Unhealthy March: Melting Chocolate Cakes

So I’m going to admit it, this was my first cooking failure. Usually I have someone supervising me in the kitchen like a toddler, but this time this toddler was running around in the kitchen by herself, cracking eggs and spilling chocolate everywhere. The recipe was simple enough, and the instructions seem straightforward. In the […]

Hot & Healthy January: Pork Chop Milanese with Arugula Salad

All right boys, this one is for you. While I was making the recipe for this month, I was thinking, “Some guy could totally make this for his girlfriend and earn unlimited back rubs or something.” Guys, do you want unlimited back rubs!? I would suggest making your girl some fine food. But okay, before […]