Spring Sounds Like Weezer

[spring]In the past few weeks, our campus has been bathed in more sun than it’s seen in months. Even if it hasn’t made a noticeable difference in your mental health, many students will agree the campus has a renewed feeling, and passersby have a bigger spring in their step. With this renewed feeling, many people […]

How To Be…The Ultimate Spring Breaker

It’s spring break once again. The time when college kids from across the country flood the streets, beaches and bars of exotic locales wearing as little clothing as possible. What better time is there? Take advantage of your spring breaker status this year by exceeding all those old blasé expectations of booze and beaches – […]

Best You’ve Never Heard: The Hard Lessons

[hard3] The Hard Lessons can teach you a thing or two about the blues and the excitement of rock n roll, if only you’ll let them. The young band of a year and some months is coming to Lansing early next month and bringing their garage rock grooves with them for a high energy show […]

Paintings that Paint Themselves

[kresge] “Paintings That Paint Themselves, Or So It Seems” is one of the most appealing, yet mysterious, titles to give the collection of art that is currently on display at the Kresge Art Museum. Gathered from twenty-four artists from all over the world, this event houses some wonderful abstract paintings and highlights a movement that […]