Going Global

Frontier Myths in America and Israel Compared February 4, 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.; MSU Union Green Room Ilan Troen will speak on “Frontier Myths in America and Israel Compared.” This lecture focuses on the problematics of comparison between a society rooted in individualist politics and a society forged with a collective identity. Both America […]

In Action for Animals

I began this story in the hopes of finding out why certain animals receive protection over others. After interviewing many people and writing a dry story about animal rights in general, it occurred to me the people were much more interesting than my story turned out to be. So I decided to let them tell […]

China’s Own War

History professor Aminda Smith was in a taxi cab in Beijing in 2001 when the radio announcement was made that China had won the 2008 Olympic bid. Immediately after, the city erupted around her in fireworks and celebration and didn’t settle down the entire night. But the sentiment wasn’t just confined to the city. Asian […]

Changing Channels

Flash forward to Feb. 18, 2009. It’s morning and you stumble out of bed into the kitchen, pouring a cup of coffee and settling in at the table, glancing at a newspaper before you pick up the television remote to watch the morning’s news. Pointing it at the screen, you press the “power” button and […]

For Richer or Poorer

In the wake of the eruption of violence in Kenya, sociology professor and director of the African studies program David Wiley sat down with five local Kenyan Ph.D. students to discuss the situation. One student, hailing from an area where some of the violence has been the worst, turned to Wiley and said, “You know, […]

Home Grown Cookin’

The Oxford University Press’s 2007 choice for Word of the Year is being heard more often as the average American turns toward local markets instead of giant supermarkets for their food needs. The word “locavore,” which is used to describe the desire to buy fresh food from local farmers, was first coined about two years […]

Faith Goes Green

In India, a newly appointed archbishop is accepting gifts in congratulations, but only if they are tree saplings. In Australia, a bishop’s committee is publishing documents on global warming and humans’ moral responsibility to the earth. In the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI is holding environmental rallies. In the Appalachian Mountains, a Catholic committee is calling […]