I Heart Me

[nora]I am the smartest person at MSU. I am the most beautiful girl in all of my classes. I have the best hair within my group of friends. I have a body that is toned and in shape – a body every girl wants. At least, those are the things my mom tells me. As […]

Upping the Ante

[happy]As spring break comes again, many students look for a way to escape from the mundane routine of school, and no matter where they choose to go, there is probably a casino only a dice roll away. There are casinos at almost every vacationing hot spot, including Panama City, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Las Vegas, […]

Delayed Start

[mountain]Look to the west in Colorado, and the state is coated in mounds of snow and filled with excited skiers (and a fair share of grumbling travelers) ready to head to the slopes after bundling up in thick jackets and winter gloves. For much of December, however, MSU students looked out their windows and, instead […]