Mob mentality V.2

That gnawing, unavoidable urge to join in on the screaming, the out-of-control behavior and participate in the barbaric tradition of dancing around a fire, most likely a raggedy couch that made a porch comfortable only hours before. Was there a death of a well-liked political leader? Are we going to war? Have our constitutional rights […]

The Grass is Always Greener

[1]During the descent into Detroit Metro Airport, five weeks after my excited and nervous departure, I couldn’t help but notice a huge amount of winding pavement that cluttered the land below me. I peered out the tiny oval window, desperately searching for the small white fluff of sheep, rolling hills and intense green landscape, a […]

Hoping to Stay Healthy

As seniors prepare to graduate, they have a lot to say good bye to: friends, classmates, professors and…doctors? Come May many graduates will find themselves off of mom and dad’s health insurance plan, and without steady employment with a benefits package, a trip to the doctor or the pharmacy won’t be cheap. Last year, young […]

So What Are We Anyway?

Friends with benefits aren’t just pals with good health insurance. But you knew that. Maybe you’ve had one or two (or a dozen) yourself. Few can resist the fun of a relationship without the relationship. “It’s no mystery why people have casual sex,” Dr. Barnaby Barratt, a licensed sex therapist from Farmington Hills, said. “Why […]