Chillin\’ with the Hubbly Bubbly

[1] I grew up with a hookah in my living room. I know, who didn’t, right? I was young at the time of actually realizing it was there and learned to regard it as a piece of art, because it was never actually used. One day, I finally gathered the courage to ask my father […]

Everything Zen

[1]Take a deep breath. Ommmmmmmmm. Salutation to the sun. Are you confused yet? Welcome to a typical day in yoga class – the class where stress is supposed to be stretched out of your body as you breathe in and listen to the soft voice of your instructor putting you at ease. A good number […]

A College Girl Named Val

Editor’s Note: The name of the victim in this article has been changed at her request. The story, facts, and other sources presented in this article remain factually accurate. Valerie Beaty, a 20-year-old sophomore at MSU, sits curled in the fetal position a block away from the intersection of Fairview Street and Saginaw Street in […]

The Red Cedar Debunked

[river2]The Red Cedar River has been a symbol of Michigan State University since the university’s founding in 1855. Unfortunately, the river is known to many as a junkyard for bicycles, port-a-potties, phones and dead bodies – yes, even dead bodies. However, the negative image the Red Cedar presents to many students here on campus is […]