Black History Month is a time to reflect on progress

If you catch yourself peering through a history textbook, you will undoubtedly find stories of the modern African American.  From the days when Gone With the Wind was a reality to when an African American woman sat down courageously at the front of a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, the trials, experiences and joys of African […]

Rule #4: Eat red meat

One of the 10 rules that Nick Offerman revealed to a sold out audience at the Royal Oak Music Theatre on Friday, Feb. 8, was simply that. Eat more red meat. No explanation necessary. NBC’s Parks and Recreation star and founder of Offerman Woodshop recently decided that he had a lot to say to audiences after […]

Inside MSU’s Headphones: November

November has brought us unexpectedly warm weather and sudden snow fall. Yet rain or shine, MSU students are always listening to music as they trek to and from class. I know I always want to know what they’re listening to, so once again, I’ve used my privileges as Arts & Culture editor to find out […]