The Big Green is a publication written, edited and designed by students and for students. We aim to produce entertainment, thoughtful commentary and eye-opening journalism while offering a unique, rewarding experience for students in journalism and other related fields to gain practical knowledge of a magazine.

TBG was founded in March of 2003 by journalism student Beth Desy and transmitted through web space on, the magazine underwent a redesign in the fall of 2004 and obtained its current URL.

Our magazine features several sections:

State Side. This section is devoted to covering stories about MSU and East Lansing.  It covers student organizations, campus and community issues, student events, and college life.

Global View. Stories in this section cover national and global issues. This includes politics and internationalism on campus. The focus is on how the outside world affects us, and what we can do to change the larger picture.

Arts & Culture. This section will cover local music, film, theatre, art, literature, technology, cultural commentary, hobbies and food. It will also feature a calendar of local entertainment events.

Sports. This section covers sports stories from around campus, the country and the world




Big Photography. This section captures news from events around campus and creates a visual story through photographs.

Feel free to explore, and happy reading!

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