If you walk along M.A.C. ave. some time in the few days leading up to Halloween, you’ll see about a dozen booths lining the street in front of several sorority and fraternity houses. Members of these organizations are part of the Panhellenic and Safe Halloween councils, which create Safe Halloween every year. The event aims to create a fun environment for kids to dress up and play games, enjoy food from the few food trucks lining part of the street and even getting their picture with Sparty. Each booth holds a mini game created by a member from each house.

Sparty Trick-or-Treats with kids

Safe Halloween allows families and their kids to “[get] together as an East Lansing and Lansing community, [allowing] Greeks to give back to this community.” said Gamma Phi Beta sorority member Alex Foisy.

The environment is one that, “[allows] a safe environment for kids to trick-or-treat in especially because it can get kind of crazy [around] this area during Halloween” Foisy states. The Panhellenic and Safe Halloween councils focus on, “giving back to the community… and creating events, with each sorority or fraternity having their booth and decorating it [for the kids]” for the kids to participate in. The event is also a means for the community to “provide a means for chapters to participate together in a non-alcoholic philanthropy project and to facilitate positive public perceptions of the Greek community” according to the MSU Greek Life website.

Seeing the crowds of people all along M.A.C., it was easy to tell that the event has seen enough publicity and popularity over the years to become a destination for Greater Lansing families.

Photos courtesy of the MSU Panhellenic Council Facebook page

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