It is hard to imagine a superhero movie that does not cater to the largest possible audience, a movie that has something for everyone. Yet, on Valentine’s Day, “Deadpool” was released under an R-rating with large amounts of graphic violence, a lot of nudity and a sex montage.

For some background, Deadpool, Wade Wilson, is a Marvel Comics character created in the 1990s by Rob Liefeld. Deadpool is an anti-hero who does not shy away from killing people, not just bad guys because he is a mercenary for the most part. He does work closely with the X-Men when he decides to be more heroic. However, Deadpool is most famous for his ability to realize that he is a fictional character and to talk directly to the reader or viewer. Because of this, Deadpool tends to reference pop culture and crack jokes. He also tends to be very vulgar.

The film is an almost perfect replication of the comics that the character appears in. The filmmaker and writers do not pull any punches in fully utilizing the R-rating of the film to allow the character to accurately be translated from the comic to the big screen. The dialogue is full of sexual jokes and the F-word is thrown around from the very beginning of the movie. While the movie is less than two hours in run time, the movie does not let up at all, packing as many of the jokes, winks to the audience and well-choreographed fight scenes. The pacing of the movie is especially impressive considering that there are several flashbacks during a very long fight scene.

Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool, plays the character perfectly. His comedic timing as the character is amazing throughout the entire movie. He captures the fourth wall-breaking (he talks directly to the audience), near-insanity of the character perfectly, which allows for him to commit murders and still have us root for him. His love for the character shines through his portrayal of the character, and he lights up every scene that he is in, even before he has the red suit on.

The other performances in the movie are okay, the only other performance of note was from Morena Baccarin, who will be a familiar face to the fans of “Firefly.” In the movie, she plays the love interest of Wade Wilson, Vanessa. But instead of being a damsel in distress, though she does get kidnapped, she puts up a fight for the record. The best thing about Baccarin in the film is the chemistry that she has with Reynolds. In fact, with a movie about a character who kills people and is completely insane, Baccarin’s presence in the film allows for an honestly touching love sub-plot.

Surprisingly, “Deadpool” is not only one the funniest movies to come out in a long time, but in an hour and forty minutes it became one of the best superhero movies that has been released. The comedy, action and even the romance make the movie completely enjoyable. Just don’t bring your kids.

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