The French Flag. Photo via Creative Commons.
Photo via Creative Commons.

On Nov. 13, France was attacked. Four different locations within Paris were hit, including a hostage situation and mass shooting in the Bataclan theater and explosions at the Stade de France during the France vs. Germany soccer game. Two restaurants were also fired upon in a different part of the city.

French President Francois Hollande enacted three emergency plans in response to the attacks, working to quell the hostage situation and secure the city. The president also declared a state of emergency for the entire nation of France and closed the borders.

In response to the attacks, many local Parisians tweeted using the hashtag “PorteOuverte,” which means open door. They were, quite literally, opening their doors so that those on the streets could take shelter from the attacks. Facebook also launched an emergency “I’m Safe” feature, which people could use to alert family and friends that they were safe.

The morning after the attacks, ISIS officially claimed responsibility for the attacks, praising their actions by tweeting with the hashtag “Paris is Burning.”  Before this official claim, French President Hollande made a statement in which he blamed ISIS, calling the attacks an act of war.

Many international figureheads such as Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom; President Barack Obama of the United States; Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany; President Xi Jinping of China; and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of Australia have offered their sympathies and condolences on behalf of their nations. Prime Minister Cameron has offered any help that France needs while U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch offered assistance to French law enforcement agencies. German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere also offered help from the German special forces. The Holy See gave condolences and the President of Iran Hassan Rouhani declared the attacks to be a crime against humanity.

At this point the death toll has reached more than 128 people with an additional 180 injured as a result of the attacks. Eight confirmed attackers are dead and emergency plans in Paris are focused on treating the injured. Investigations are currently underway to find any accomplices or further perpetrators.

For up-to-date information on this story, go to BBC’s live page.

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