Some people say high school is the best years of your life, others would argue that college takes the cake. Spartans, whether it takes you more or less than four years to complete college, make sure to complete this bucket list before leaving Michigan State University.

1. Join a club

Michigan State University has over 700 clubs. If there isn’t a club that suits you, start your own! Leave your legacy with a successful student organization

2. Attend at least one football or basketball game

Spartan Stadium at Michigan State University. Photo via Savannah Swix.
Spartan Stadium at Michigan State University. Photo via Savannah Swix.

MSU is a Big Ten school. It’s a tradition and an honor to attend at least one game. In addition, it’s great to witness our football team succeed on the field with your own eyes.

3. Sit by the Red Cedar River

Though it’s impossible to know what lies beneath the water, Spartans still appreciate the beauty of the Red Cedar River, especially in the springtime. The ducks are also very cute companions and fun to feed.

4. Visit the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum

The museum is beautiful, free and the building will appear in the next “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” movie. The art exhibits in the museum change a lot, so visiting more than once might be worth it as well.

5. Study abroad

MSU has over 275 study abroad programs. They are offered during most semesters, and the advising office is very helpful with fixing study abroad into your schedule.

6. Order food from Conrad’s Grill

Whether you are out late and waiting hours in a long line or ordering from your dorm room, you need to experience Conrad’s for yourself. Try the “Number One” wrap for your first time, it is number one.

7. Get a picture with Sparty

Everyone wants a picture with Sparty. It’s just something that you have to do.

8. Participate in the midnight scream

Let’s face it, finals are stressful. Participate in the scream to let some stress out.

9. Go to a movie at Wells Hall

Wells Hall offers free movies to students just by showing MSU ID to receive tickets. Take advantage of this free opportunity because it might not happen again!

10. Eat MSU Dairy Store ice cream

You will not regret this. The Dairy Store even makes its own ice cream sandwiches!

11. Take a picture with the Spartan statue

Whether this is taken during your orientation as a freshman, before a football game or after graduation, it is nice to have this to look back on.

12. Try out for an intramural sport

This is a good way to make friends and a healthy way to take a break from studying.

13. Be a part of “Sparty Watch”

After what recently happened to the Magic Johnson statue, everyone should be on board to protect the MSU monuments.

14. Go to an acapella concert

See some of the talent that student groups like Ladies First or State of Fifths work hard to perform.

15. See a show at the Wharton Center

“Dirty Dancing” and “The Nutcracker 2015” are both coming to the Wharton Center stage this year. Student discount rates are applied to some shows, check them out!

16. Appreciate campus during all seasons

MSU students are fortunate to have a beautiful campus that experiences all four seasons. Get out and enjoy each one!


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