With projects due and finals approaching, finding housing for next year is something that slips many students’ minds.

For on-campus housing, the online sign-up concluded at midnight on April 1, 2014. But never fear, there are still many on-campus options available.

“There are spaces in every neighborhood and whole rooms in most,” said Mary Lou Heberlein a representative from LiveOn.

LiveOn is the Residence Education and Housing Services program that is run by the university. They place students in housing each year.

All students live on-campus as freshmen, but at the end of the year when most off-campus housing is already filled, on campus is still a good option for upper classmen.

West Wilson Hall. Photo via Flickr

Roughly 14,500 or more students sign up each year to live in on-campus housing. A good part of these students are sophomores, juniors and seniors because of the benefits of living on-campus.

“Living on campus is recommended for at least two years,” Heberlein said. “Not only because Living On at MSU is awesome, but because research shows that students who do get better grades, are more involved in campus activities, have more interaction with faculty, feel more connected to the campus community and are more likely to graduate on time.”

More benefits to “living on” include free laundry, access to Math and Writing Centers in each neighborhood, as well as the combo exchange available at Sparty’s locations across campus to those who live on campus.

Laura Cole from LiveOn said that these resources promote “a cohesive community environment that students have indicated is something that is important to them along with having easy access to the many resources available on campus”.

“As a freshman, I was very unaware of how to sign leases or anything that involves getting an apartment. Living on campus was familiar and easy, overall, it was the most convenient and best option for me,” said sophomore Ruth Archer.

Freshman, Wayne Askew has chosen to live on again within Case Hall, the residential college for his major, James Madison

“It’s convenient. All of my classes are in the building and everything is right here. All the resources I need are only a few minutes away,” Askew said.

With the recent closing of the online sign up, Heberlein said that space is more limited in the dorms due to the “living learning” programs and residential college housing reserved for students of particular colleges and incoming freshmen. However, students are still encouraged to sign up.

Students can email liveon@rhs.msu.edu or call the office at 517-884-LIVE to ask any questions or sign up. The ability to sign up for next year is available through finals week ending at 6 P.M. on Friday, May 2, 2014.

The LiveOn office is located in C101 Wilson Hall in South Neighborhood and is open from 8am and 6pm, Monday–Friday.

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