There’s only one day each year when romantic gestures are completely and utterly unavoidable.

Yes, Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but what about the remnants? Often times the best gifts like a romantic dinner, chocolates and a bouquet of flowers won’t make it till next week. So, what are you supposed to do with the not-so-sweet gifts that linger well past February 14th?

Of course, no one wants to give or receive a valentine’s gift that’s unwanted or just downright awkward, but the truth is that it happens. So, here’s your guide to the Why-Does-This-Have-to-Be-Mine-Valentine.

The Mug

This is probably the easiest post-valentine’s day dilemma. Whether it boldly states your anniversary or it has your face on it, you can put it in the cupboard and leave it there until all the dishes are dirty and you’re desperate for coffee. Just don’t take it to class.

The Excuse: “I use it a lot! You’re just never around.”



The Scent

Maybe it’s not your taste, maybe it smells like Lysol, but either way you refuse to wear it. Consider using it as an air freshener for your bathroom or wait a couple weeks to re-gift it.

The Excuse: “I like it, but sometimes it messes with my sinuses.”



The Jewels

It looks like something you wore in junior high and it turns your skin green. Or, you’re a guy who never really liked wearing jewelry in the first place. Hang it from your rearview mirror, your bedroom doorknob or anywhere visible enough to show that you appreciate the thought.

The Excuse: “I don’t want to break/ruin/lose it.”



The Shirt

For the poor guy or girl who gets one of these I only have two words: laundry day. The best way to deal with this gift is to never let it see the light of day.

The Excuse: “It reminds me of you when you’re not around.”




The Life-Sized Bear

It’s big, it’s fuzzy and it’s downright scary when you turn the lights off. It’s a bear the size of a teenager. You could sit him in the corner of your room for as long as you can stand him staring at you. Or, stick him in the closet or the basement. However, he’d probably be an awesome pillow for girls’ night in or for a good night’s sleep. If all else fails, donate him to Goodwill or The Salvation Army. There’s a little girl out there who’d love to have a giant teddy bear. 

The Excuse: “I took him to my parents’ house. I don’t have enough space!”


The Undies

A lot of people freak out about unwanted undergarments received on Valentine’s Day, but honestly no one has to see them anyway. Although, if you feel uncomfortable receiving such a gift, make it known! If you don’t want to wear them, DON’T.

The Excuse (if you really, really need one) : “They don’t fit!”


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