The independently run student organization, the Spartan Dischords, is a group of 14 guys who know how to put on a show.

Photo of The Spartan Dischords at this year’s Acapalooza via their facebook page

The Spartan Dischords is a vocal a cappella group on campus that has been around since about 1980 and has been growing in popularity each year since, according to the Dischords executive board.

“When I was in sixth grade I saw the Dischords perform and I became a huge fan of them,” said Zach Johnson. “I wasn’t into performing but the Dischords made me want to get involved in choir and learn more.”

Johnson, a freshman at Michigan State, is a new member to the Dischords and said he made the cut out of 20 students who tried out.

The group adds jokes throughout songs in their performances to keep the audience fully entertained.

“A lot of our jokes we put in our performances come from us just messing around in practice, you start to develop your Dischord humor after being in the group for about a semester,” said Alistair Beerens, the groups president.

According to 3-semster member Lennon Kyriakoza, the Dischords try to add at least 3 new songs per show to keep it a fresh performance.

“We base it off what we think the audience will like and how good the group will sound as a whole,” said Kyriakoza.

“I really enjoy whenever the Spartan Dischords come to my sorority, I always laugh so hard, along with everyone else, because of their comments and jokes they have in their songs,” said Kristin Hofstad, a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority at Michigan State.

The variety of jokes thrown in throughout the Dischords performances spark during practice or even during live performances.

“The group is very impromptu, I would say our jokes are 50 percent planned and 50 percent random thoughts in our performances. A lot of us just make stuff up at concerts and we just roll with it. The best jokes stay around,” Beerens said.

The Dischords had their big holiday show at the Passant Theater in the Wharton Center on Dec. 7, but they also sing at dorms and cafeterias on campus to show students who the Spartan Dischords are.

“We use the external gigs to test out jokes. We try to let the group express themselves during smaller performances,” said Kyriakoza.

Beerens said that the success of the Dischords has come so far due to the commitment of their executive board.

The president, vice president, business manger, public relations director, and music director complete the Dischords e-board.

“We actually have elections every single semester. Once I got president, I still need to be reelected every semester to make sure everyone is happy with the current e-board,” said Beerens.

“I am the PR director, which means I handle the Twitter and Spartan Dischords Website,” Kyriakoza said. “I make flyers as well, we are actually re-doing our whole website, plus we have been doing twitter contests recently to get our name out there.”

According to Beerens, the Dischords are good about handling everything as a group. The e-board may represent the group but they never make decisions without consulting everyone.

According to other members, students try out for the Dischords because of their love for singing, but they stay for the amazing friendships formed amongst the group.

Beerens said, “Our group is extremely personable, we’re just 14 guys with nothing in common except that we like to sing.”

Kyriakoza said he transferred to MSU as a junior and didn’t know anyone on campus before trying out for the group.

“Some of these guys are my best friends at school, they are the truest people I have met here. Practice is something I look forward to each week because I get to see everyone,” said Kyriakoza.

“I live with three Dischords and it’s kind of cool because even though we are all different, we all become best friends and the group starts to mean so much more to us,” said Beerens.

According to Beerens, the Spartan Dischords are very close with about 75 of their alumni. Alumni still come back to visit the group and check in on them.

“It’s just crazy that your meeting people that you would never have a relationship with if it wasn’t for this group,” said Beerens about the alumni.

The Spartan Dischords had their holiday show on Dec. 7, but this year they still have their Valentine’s Days show as well as gigs at sororities, dorms, and local places in the Lansing area.

“This group is a priority to me, I try my best to work everything around the Dischords because I want to be able to give everything I have to this group, joining was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” said Kyriakoza.

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