As students filed into the International Center on October 26, they were handed bags filled with toast, rice, a roll of toilet paper, playing cards, a rubber glove, noisemakers and other seemingly random objects.

There is one even that brings all of those items together—the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The room was packed with fans of the beloved Rocky Horror Picture Show screening, with several students dressed up as their favorite character from the classic movie.

The Rocky Horror Picture show has been a cultural phenomenon since it’s release in 1975. Screenings of the movie feature a live cast mirroring the action on the screen—performers must know every line and action, because they don’t look back at the movie. Also, audience members yell lines along with the movie and throw items from their prop bag they received at the beginning of the show.

The event has been shown at Michigan State for several years, however each prospective year it gets bigger and more successful

This year it was lead by University Activities Board events director and math education senior Stephanie Strawska. Strawska said the UAB has been working with the Wharton Center Student Marketing Organization of the event for about a month.

The show was promoted with the help of students from both organizations, which includes setting everything up and marketing it on campus. The UAB puts on plenty of events around campus including the annual spring concert and the Campus Center Cinemas every weekend.

For this particular show, the UAB came equipped with prop bags for the first 500 in line. Students were handed an itinerary so they knew when to use each of the items.

With student’s throwing props throughout the show, there is a larger clean-up for volunteers afterwards. However, Strawska said she did this event for students to have fun.

“I really wanted to do this event because I know so many students enjoy it” Stawska said “Especially around Halloween, it’s another good way to just get students to do something for Halloween but keep them on campus and keep them safe”

Stawska was right about that; plenty of students old and new came to watch the screening.

“I’ve heard a lot about it, but I’ve never seen it,” said junior Colin Emrich.
Emrich may have never seen the show but he was certainly as excited as old fans, such as freshman Megan Cochrane, who is also a member of the Wharton Center Student Marketing Organization

“I just love how silly and crazy it is,” Cochrane said. “It’s fun it is to be a part of the audience.”

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