There was something different about East Lansing on Oct. 24. A big event was taking place, but it was not the leaves changing colors or the night skies appearing earlier

It was Halloween—a little bit early and a little bit safer. Every year the Greek community at Michigan State University puts on an event called Safe Halloween, and it attracts hundreds of families from the East Lansing area.

“Safe Halloween is an event that is intended to give the families of East Lansing and the surrounding communities, especially younger children, a safe and fun environment to participate in Halloween activities, like trick-or-treating,” said Alex Barone, the Vice President of External Relations on the Interfraternity Council.

“East Lansing is a great city for college-aged students to live in, but we also recognize that there are many young families in the area,” Barone said.

The frat and sorority houses all along M.A.C were transformed into different activity stations, such as face painting, beanbag races, food vendors and moon bouncers. There was even a DJ who came to play spooky music. The local fire and police departments also made appearances.

Michael Mansour, owner and manager of Spartan Spirits Liquor, said he heard about Safe Halloween through the East Lansing Business Association three years ago, and has been coming with his family ever since.

“The event has been nothing but a positive experience for the kids; it is a nice gesture made by the students, and our family always likes to support what the students are doing,” Mansour said.

A lot of effort went in to the preparation of Safe Halloween — whether it was advertising or fundraising, sorority and fraternity members had been continuously working since the beginning of the school year. Members from each sorority and fraternity applied to be on different planning committees so that all of the 45 Greek houses were represented.

Advertising played a big role in spreading the word about Safe Halloween. Committees helped promote the event, such as making t-shirts and flyers, and going to different schools to talk to students about the event. Fundraising was also crucial in making the event occur. Greek Life committee members went to local businesses asking for monetary and item donations.

In addition to businesses volunteering, other student groups on campus worked at the event too. A cappella group Ladies First took a few hours out of their day to serenade families with Halloween music.

Every member of the Greek Life system was encouraged to get involved with Safe Halloween. Members had the choice to work at the event or do the planning prior to the event.

Kelly Cullen, a freshman member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority said she had a great first experience being involved with the event.

“It was a lot of fun working with the other fraternities and sororities, and it was also a nice way to bond with everyone,” Cullen said.

This event is not only a great learning experience for Greek Life members, but is also a great showcasing event for the Greek community.

Sharon Anderson, a house mom for the sorority Chi Omega since 2008, said she is a firm believer in this.
“Safe Halloween is a chance to promote Greek Life in a positive way,” Anderson said. “Having this event shows that the Greek system can do nice things for others.”

Photos by Bretlyn Royce

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