Michigan State has such a huge campus that some of the most interesting places can be hidden from the eye. We all know about football games and the dairy store, but students often overlook some of the more obscure activities that may be right around the corner. Here are a few of the cool, unknown places open for MSU students to regularly explore.

MSU Bug House

With 3,000 insects from all over the world, the MSU Bug House welcomes students and the community to learn about bugs—if you’re not too grossed out.

bug house
Sophomore Elayna Creed holding a tarantula at the MSU Bug House

From beetles and large cockroaches to scorpions and tarantulas, students can view and even hold these creatures.

“We are kind of a well kept secret around here on campus,” said Gary Parsons, A.J. Cook Arthropod Research Collection Manager. “We are the only operation like this on a university campus in the country.”

The MSU Bug House was established in the late 1990s with resources geared towards educating elementary to high school students; however, it welcomes current Spartans as well.

When visiting the bug house, students can explore the different types of insects, both dead and alive.

Sophomore Elayna Creed visited the MSU Bug House last year.

“Holding [the bugs] was pretty cool,” she said. “I held a tarantula and a cockroach and I’ve never held those before.”

Tours are offered Monday–Friday by appointment and open houses are every second Monday of the month. The MSU Bug House also holds special holiday events around Halloween and Christmas.

“For those of us that volunteer, we’re just interested in bugs and we just want to pass on that information to the kids and the public,” Parsons said.

The MSU Bug House is located in rooms 146 and 147 of the Natural Science Building. Its next open house is Oct. 14 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

Abrams Planetarium

Students can venture into astronomy by visiting Michigan State’s Abrams Planetarium ,located on Science Road near Shaw Hall.

The Abrams Planetarium also welcomes the public as well as MSU students. While the weekdays are often reserved for scheduled visits and an MSU astronomy class, the planetarium has shows Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons for the public.

“Half of our audience tends to be students on campus,” Education Coordinator Shane Horvatin said.

The public planetarium presentations are open to everyone on the weekend. After evening shows, audiences can partake in outdoor observing with telescopes outside of the planetarium to view astronomical objects.

Eat-At-State On-the-Go Food Truck

Another unknown gem that can be found all over campus is the Eat-At-State On-the-Go Food Truck. Implemented last year, the food truck was stationed mainly outside Shaw Hall when its cafeteria underwent renovation.

Since its creation, the food truck has since established a closer following with students and is often stationed outside Shaw Hall, near The Rock and outside Wells Hall midday.  Due to recent cafeteria renovation projects (such as Landon this semester), the truck is experimenting with new locations around campus and late night service in various neighborhoods.

Sophomore Sara Hughes said she appreciated the convenience of the food truck.

“I didn’t have time to sit down and eat,” Hughes said. “The food is fast and on-the-go, just like students.”

Students can use their combo exchanges, Spartan Cash and even credit card to purchase food to purchase foods such as a cheeseburger, grilled cheese with peppers and spinach, pesto, and salad wraps.

Keep looking

There are many more places on campus that have interesting activities every week. Don’t just settle for parties every weekend—explore campus and the exciting opportunities we have at Michigan State.

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