Brandon Kirby

Many students wonder how to crack into the incredibly competitive field of journalism, especially if they want to explore the exciting entertainment industry of Los Angeles.

“The best qualities to have in being a successful journalist are resilience, persistence, never saying no and always being willing to dig for more,” said Brandon Kirby, MSU School of Journalism alumnus and editorial assistant at the Hollywood Reporter.

In a relatively short span of time, 24-year-old Kirby has accomplished some pretty amazing things in his career both pre and post graduation from MSU.

Kirby said he did internships at places including Lansing CityPulse, online entertainment blog emcBlue, M3, and Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine he was able to learn invaluable lessons that he has been able to use throughout his career. Another noteworthy position—Brandon used to be the editor-in-chief of The Big Green. He said all of his internships ultimately set him up with the experience needed to land an internship and eventually a full-time position at The Hollywood Reporter.

Internships today are extremely important in making oneself a marketable candidate in the very competitive job market that there is today. If done well, internships can also have the potential to turn into a full-time opportunity.

MSU prepared him for the workplace in ways he did not even realize while first taking classes, Kirby said. He said that learning things beyond just journalism coursework, such as interpersonal and collaborative communication skills, are invaluable in being successful at an internship or in the workplace.

However, his current position at The Hollywood Reporter did not come to him without complete goal-driven dedication on his part, which often times required him to step out of his comfort zone in order to seize a particular opportunity.

“Being successful after graduation requires you to take advantage of every opportunity and always be willing to put yourself out there,” he said.

This is something he still currently finds beneficial even today in his career.

Although, Los Angeles is over 2,000 miles away from East Lansing, there is always a way to stay connected with fellow Spartans just about anywhere in the world after graduation.

Kirby said he always gets great joy when he finds MSU graduates out in LA, and that there is always a bond when he comes in contact with people in his career that are fellow alumni such as himself.

While Kirby has already had a fantastic start to his career in journalism, keep an eye out on this Spartan alumnus because we will surely be seeing more great things from him as time progresses.

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