March is without a doubt one of the greatest months to be a Spartan. From March Madness to St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, to the bare tree branches of the Red Cedar River finally starting to bloom, here are ten reasons why TBG loves March.

10. March is Reading Month 

We all celebrated this way back in the elementary school days, when the workload from classes was significantly lighter by a large margin and finding time to enjoy a good book was not a struggle. As college students, it can be difficult to fit time for a daily session with a favorite novel into a busy schedule… and March is Reading Month gives bookworms the perfect excuse to take a break from that statistics homework, curl up on the futon, and read.

9. “I Want You to Be Happy” Day

Falling annually on March 3, “I Want You to Be Happy Day” is a commemoration of unselfishness, going above and beyond to show someone you care. This can be as simple as smiling at a stranger who looks to be having a rough day, or making time for coffee with a high school friend. “I Want You to be Happy” Day is an easy way to celebrate smiles, love, and laughter, get into a positive mentality and tough out the last half of the semester.

8.  Campus Scenery

The snow begins to melt, the trees begin to bloom, and the Red Cedar river is no longer iced over. During March, the MSU campus comes back to life again. Spring arrives and the overall spirits of fellow Spartans are high as the sun shines over East Lansing.

7. Spring Break

A much-needed  relief  from post-midterm stress, Spring Break is something all Spartans look forward to. It doesn’t matter if it is spent in the mountains of Colorado, the beaches of Panama, or your hometown, the opportunity to spend an entire week doing nothing but relaxing and having fun (not to mention actually getting a full night’s sleep) is one to be cherished.

6. Pi Day

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March 14 is also known as Pi Day, due to the date’s similarity with the mathematical figure.  Actual pie is in no way correlated to mathematics, however this holiday provides Spartans with the perfect reason to indulge in the tasty desert.

5. St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

“Go Green!” takes on a whole new meaning as the campus becomes Irish for a day, engaging in friendships, spirits, and celebration. St. Patrick’s day is a wonderful day celebrate with new friends and old friends, and there is no better place to do it than the land of Green and White.

4. National Bubble Week

The second week of March is a call to embrace childhood and have fun. Go outside with a friend and blow some bubbles in almost-spring weather to celebrate National Bubble Week! Or, if you don’t feel that wacky, celebrate with some bubble tea, which is also a fun treat.

3.  Easter Weekend

There is no official holiday for the university this weekend, however many students head home to enjoy time with their families before the end of school year.  The atmosphere of Easter weekend is slower paced, providing many students with a minimal stress break from studies and the generally fast-paced environment of college.

2. Girl Scout Cookies

If you are able to resist Girl Scout Cookies, TBG applauds you. The delectable treats sold in over-priced packages are worth every penny.

1. March Madness Julia Grippe

Even if you don’t like basketball, its difficult to ignore the hype of March Madness while at Michigan State University

The whole student body comes together to cheer on the men’s basketball team in the NCAA tournament. Studying becomes more difficult than ever with a weekend packed full of college basketball games and the general topic of conversation is “how is your bracket doing?”  Spartans are dedicated in supporting their team: The energy of the excitement on campus during this time could rival the energy given off by, say,  the heat of burning couches.

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