@kburke2112: When your school emails you about not causing riots because your team is in the sweet sixteen. @SpartanProblems

@heyjacqueline_: when you get to #MSU you realize that there is only one true season: construction season. @spartanproblems

@allyhella: I never knew people actually walked around rapping outloud, with or without music, until I came to State #CultureShock #SpartansWill

@MSUBlackSheep: Waking up w/out caffeine is like dragging yourself from a ditch after being hit by a semi-truck carrying 4-dozen Michigan girls #struggle

@FlannelFunGuys: All within 24 hours Tom Izzo has been in Detroit beating Memphis, Minneapolis recruiting, and back to East Lansing for Palm Sunday #LEGEND

@Glengruber: No team has ever lost on the road. They play on a court. #glenfacts @SpartanProblems

@Sadler_3: Online watching the game there is a ‘boss button’ that takes you to a fake inbox/email so you don’t get in trouble at work. #awesome

@bwallll: @MSUpartystories why not nap right outside of a 600 person lecture hall? #itsastatething

@_CollegeHumor_: Spring Break… COME BACK TO ME 🙁

@CollegeTownLife: The day after St. Patty’s our college town looks like it has been defeated by bad decisions.

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