On Thursday, Feb. 16, Michigan State University students from various student organizations gathered at I.M. Circle to participate in MSU’s Dance Marathon. This event was in support of the Cassie Hines Shoes Cancer Foundation in memory of the former MSU student. Cassie, 21, lost her four-year battle with kidney cancer on March 1,2012.  Still, her legacy and spirit lives on throughout the MSU community.

The Cassie Hines Shoes Foundation raises awareness and financial support for cancer camps and support groups for young adult cancer patients ages 16-30, according to the foundations webpage.

During the Dance Marathon, students participated in games, arts and crafts and of course, dancing for 12 hours straight. Seems like an easy task, right? The catch is they were not allowed to sit down at any point.

“I didn’t realize 12 hours would be so hard to stand the whole time,” said Lexi Justice, a senior elementary and special education student. “My legs were sore by hour four and I was definitely active the whole time learning different dances, participating in dodge ball, relay races and lots of games to keep us going.”

The mental and physical challenges are meant to symbolize the obstacles faced by cancer patients and their families according to the MSU Dance Marathon webpage. By continuing to stay on their feet, they are commemorating the struggles that cancer patients go through everyday.

Right now, Penn State’s Dance Marathon is the largest student run philanthropy in the world in which they raised $12,374,034.46 this year.

“I would definitely do it again and I hope MSU can grow to make our Dance Marathon as big as Penn State’s,” said Justice.

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