It certainly has been a remarkable past year in movies, having six of the nine best picture nominees grossing over $100 million. Presented by Michelle Obama, the Oscar for Best Picture went to Argo this year. Directed by Ben Affleck, this thrilling expose describes some of the untold stories of how a CIA exfiltration expert devises a plan to help six individuals who managed to escape from the Iranian invasion of the United States Embassy in Tehran, Iran in 1980.

Argo takes Best Picture. Photo via

This is the first time since the 1989 film Driving Miss Daisy that the director of the winning film for Best Picture had not been nominated. This came as a shock after Affleck’s recent win of best director at the Golden Globes in late January.

Life of Pi won for Best Cinematography, which some criticized as untrue to cinematography.

“So, Life of Pi won [Best Cinematography], which had beautiful cinematography, but relied too heavily on visual effects to get there,” exclaims Lawles Borque III, professional cinematographer for The State of Louisiana. “In essence, the film was nothing but nice shots of water and sky.” 

However, Skyfall took home awards in both sound editing and best song performed by Adele that evening, which received a standing ovation.

“As always, Roger Deakins should have won for Skyfall,” Bourque describes, “ he is the best cinematographer in the business at the moment and brought a fresh, beautiful look to a worn out franchise. Every frame of that movie looked like a beautiful photograph, even when we were looking at something ugly.”

Tributes to music in the film industry continued as the evening progressed. Viewers had the rare opportunity to see performances by Barbara Streisand, performing the theme song from the 1973 film The Way We Were, and a performance of the the theme to the acclaimed James Bond film, Goldfinger, by Dame Shirley Bassey. Musicals were paid special tribute at the awards, with performances by the actors from Dreamgirls, Chicago and Les Miserables.

The Academy, desperate to increase viewership among people ages 18 to 49 years old, hoped Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane would be the solution.

“I knew Seth MacFarlane would be great,” Goksu Adanali, MSU freshman engineering student, describes, “but I never expected him to rock the show in the first five minutes.”

However, this was not the opinion of numerous viewers that night, that described his brash humor as being too extreme and often very insulting. Many reviews of MacFarlane’s hosting performance and humor viewed him as being self-indulgent, racist and sexist.

Despite viewership of this years Academy Awards, it did in fact increase amongst people of the targeted population. Seth MacFarlane released on Twitter that he will not be hosting the ceremony ever again.


After her surreal performance in the surprising nominee for Best Picture, Beasts of the Southern Wild’s Quvenzhane Wallis, made Academy Awards history by being the youngest nominee for Best Actress in a Leading Role at nine years old.

Both the film and Wallis did not end up winning an award. Victoria Diebel, MSU communications student, was surprised by this snub, “because of the unexpected quality of acting and performances that came from an indie film.”

Additionally, Diebel describes her feeling for who should have won Best Actress in a leading role.

“I think that Jessica Chastain was also snubbed for her performance in Zero Dark Thirty,” Diebel said.

This category had a lot of buzz throughout the night from Hollywood A-listers, as each individual seemed to have their own opinion of who had the best performance.

In the end, the Oscar went to Jennifer Lawrence of Silver Linings Playbook. Even though she “stumbled” her way through her acceptance speech, she was able reclaim herself during her witty after Oscars interview.

Jennifer Lawrence stumbled on the steps up to receive her Oscar for Best Actress. Photo via

Beating out the Los Angeles Times and New York Times predicted winner Robert De Neiro of Silver Linings Playbook, Christoph Waltz takes home the Oscar win for Best Supporting actor in Django Unchained.

Anne Hathaway’s Oscar winning dream “finally came true.” Since her talked about performance in Les Miserables, after its release this previous Christmas, many critics had predicted her to win the award for Best Supporting Actress. After years of waiting, Anne Hathaway was able to take home her first Oscar.

After a night full of unexpected surprises, media reviews and critics are proving that this will certainly be a very well remembered Academy Awards.

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