@k10dantonio: To this day I have never used a yellow highlighter when using a blue pen #gogreen

@SarahStream: Only thing getting me through the 1st day back is knowing in 9 hours I get to watch some B1G hoops. #GoGreen

@kschro5ThatAwkwardMoment when someone calls you out when you leave class early ???? #spartanprobs

@Sadler_3: Can’t decide if the people wearing shorts around campus want attention or a slow, painful death.

@amclary701: Shout out to @LeahKayO for breaking the school record in the mile. Doing it against michigan is an added bonus #spartanswill

@MSUBlackSheep: U of M landed a recruit named “Derrick Green” so now they’ll be yelling “Go Green!” for the next few years (until he transfers, of course).

@SZuvieGirl: Kid just walked by in a shirt that said ‘I (molecule as a heart) science’#ihatemylife

@davidjonmoul: The cata bus smells like Chapstick and dirty feet. #gross#cataproblems

@JeremyKonst: “If you aren’t naturally fired up to be around your teammates and coaches daily, this game isn’t for you.” #gameday #Spartans

@JoeyTake1#IGoToASchoolWhere possibilities are endless #SpartansWill


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