Thousands of Lansing locals of all ages gathered near the capitol to celebrate the holiday season on Friday Nov. 16.  Among the various activities was a 2.5 mile fun run, an electric light parade and of course, the lighting of the Christmas tree. Before the parade, many spectators and participants also enjoyed holiday shopping in the downtown shops and refreshments at the local bars and restaurants. Once the parade started, the sidewalks were completely filled with barely any walking room as people desperately tried to get the best view of the show.  Once the infamous Santa Clause drove by on the last float, it was time for the lighting of the tree.  Everyone relocated to the front of the State Capitol building in anticipation.  Many contributors of the event gave thanks and acknowledgement to the people who made the event happen.  As the crowed counted down, the tree finally illuminated and was accompanied by a firework spectacular.  The people of Lansing and surrounding areas watched together in awe as the Holiday season officially started.

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