Released: 2001

Directed By: Peter Chelsom

Starring: John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale and Jeremy Piven

Okay guys, I’m going to do it!  I am jumping on the band wagon with the department stores, radio stations and half the people in America and I am going to start celebrating Christmas before November is even over. I know, I know, gasp if you must, but I just can’t help it. The holiday spirit has come upon me and I cannot seem to shake it, so I am officially making all of you join in it with me. That being said, let the Christmas movie watching begin! Serendipity is not necessarily a Christmas movie, though it does take place in wintertime around Christmas, so I guess I’m not really jumping the gun, at least not yet anyway.

I can hear you all thinking “enough with the rambling and get on with it already,” so for all you short-attention-spanned impatient people I’m sorry, but I am a rambler.  Just kidding, but with that being said I will, shall I say, get on with it.

Serendipity, at its core, is a romantic comedy or, “RomCom” for all you cinema snobs out there. It’s also a good, funny, Christmas-y and cute in an “aww” sort of way. It may not be the most manly movie, but guys it sure would be a good date movie (and yes that was a hint).

This movie is about love, second chances and fate, which is something I’m sure most of us want to believe in, but are never actually sure if we believe it or not, even though we like to say we do especially when that “fate” turns out to be good instead of  bad.

Our two main characters Jonathan (John Cusack) and Sara (Kate Beckinsale) meet in a Bloomingdales department store while last-minute Christmas shopping. Maybe we should take a cue from this movie and all go walk around our local fancy high-end department stores looking for that special someone. If that doesn’t work out then we can still do some shopping.

Anyway, the two meet and instantly hit it off. So instead of doing the normal sensible thing they decide to leave their relationship up to fate. They do this by writing each other’s names and numbers on a five dollar bill and in a book, then sending them out into the world and hoping one day to find them again and only then will they know if they belong with each other. A few years pass by, however, and they have yet to find their tokens of fate. Even though both have moved on, there are still lingering thoughts of what could have been.

After having one too many doubts and second thoughts, Jonathan takes it upon himself to go searching for his long lost almost love Sara (with help from his best friend Dean, played by Jeremy Piven. If you liked Piven in Entourage then you should enjoy his performance in this role, too). The plot spins into a wild goose chase of love, and a fair share of misunderstandings and fate-driven events ensues. With a funny twist of fate, Sara herself decides to make a trip back to New York, possibly to find Jonathan as well.

This movie shows us that it is nice to believe in happy accidents or serendipity and sometimes it does work out for us in the end, even though we do still have to put in some effort to make it work. Spoiler alert: (Oops I guess I should have put this part first, but oh well, this is a romantic comedy. Come on, you cannot honestly tell me you thought it would end any other way). Anyway, sometimes fate takes its course and leads us to the life we want, but it doesn’t always and we should be prepared for that as well. Whoa I got a little deep right there, let’s take a step back now and get back to the important stuff. Jonathan and Sara do eventually meet up again as I so rudely spoiled for everyone a few sentences ago. The two finally and inevitably meet again by fate. They then fall in love after a slow emotion filled silence set to a romantic song with the two looking longingly into one another’s eyes, ending with, yes you guessed it, a kiss.

This is a feel-good fun movie that reminds us that it’s the holidays and we’re all miserable, wait that doesn’t seem right. How about it’s the holidays and we are all more open to possibilities and love, yeah that sounds better. Happy Holidays everyone and watch tons of movies over break, especially this one.

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