Following their sweet performance at the recent Acapalooza, The MSU Acafella’s celebrated their sweet sixteenth at the Pasant theatre. In relation to the MTV’s show, My Super Sweet Sixteen, the boys incorporated jokes and anecdotes into the performance that showed off their fun side, pretending to have a diva fit and demanding expensive cars. They started off their performance in whimsical attire  as they sang a boy band medley which charmed the crowd. After the intermission, the boys got serious with their black suits and colored ties. For one of their closing numbers the room grew silent in awe as the Acafellas sang “The Prayer of the Children”. By looking at the audience, everyone was blown away. The night ended off with Acafella Alumni on stage singing “MSU Shadows” and the infamous fight song. Guest acts included girl group The Girls Next Door from the University of Illinois.


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