From music notes to animals, to famous faces and sayings, painted graffiti covers the sidewalks and surroundings of MSU’s campus. But taking a closer look, one may notice a common theme of certain stencil-like art. Designs are featured from students in the Communication Arts and Sciences 111 class, the Digital Image.

“We had to come up with a stencil design matching our personality or something we liked, carve it out on cardboard and spray paint it in five different places on campus,” freshman Maya Sanches said.

It’s a unique assignment for those who have never had the opportunity to create or display their own artwork. It also forces students to look at who they are as a person and what image represents them. The task was to be done within a two-week time frame. Past years used real, permanent spray paint, but advertising professor Henry Brimmer had complaints from authorities on campus. So this year, students had to purchase chalk paint that comes off with water. Regardless of the changes made, some issues still arose.

“I got yelled at by the traffic lady because I was trying to spray the traffic light,” Sanches said.

Despite minor conflict, the project provided the possibility for creative expression. The next step included photographing the scenes where their logos were sprayed. Then students used Photoshop to manipulate the pictures to present to class.

Colorful and easily noticeable, the stencils provide a creative outlet and chance to show originality.  Make sure to check out the numerous symbols around campus.

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