1. I live Halloween, there are pumpkins to puke in everywhere #boo #happyhalloween

2. #ThingsToNotTalkAboutOnTheBus how you’re being charged with abuse and may lose the rights to your child #TMI

3. That awkward moment when the Tigers lose and being baseball illiterate leaves you not knowing what just happened @Attivels@mongeau_c

4. If you’re in a relationship I’m automatically more fun than you by about 50%

5. The concept of farting is literally so weird

6. I’m the girl judging all the other girls who are wearing uggs already #sorryimnotsorry

7. Literally angry at how bad the girls breath was that was sitting next to me for that 3 hour class. It’s called a toothbrush

8. “What’s the difference between a porcupine and The Big House? A porcupine as 100,000 pricks on the outside” -joke brought to you by PWalsh

9. The unfollow and de-friending is a bit over dramatic to say the least.

10. Even when seasons change our lives still stay the same

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