1. @Laughbook: Sharks aren’t so bad, If some stranger entered my house wearing only a speedo, I would probably attack him too.

2. now listening to disney music for study time #noshame

3. So I think eating celery and cookies together is a huge contradiction.#butheyimhungry

4. Most heartbreaking game. So furious.

5. I just ate like 7 tacos… so good.. but so full… yet I want to eat more…

6. This weather says, “stay in bed all day while contemplating your life

7. #EasilyAttractedTo #Msu girls , the best females in the state of Michigan #PureFacts

8.Kirk Cousins just got his first NFL td #MSU

9. Report: Jabari Parker includes Michigan State in list of five finalistshttp://tinyurl.com/98j89wg  #msu #michiganstate

10. College basketball countdown: No. 22 Michigan State Spartans


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