Seeing a few more bikes latched up on the racks? Or feeling a little squished in the student section at the football games? That’s probably because this year’s freshman class is the biggest in Michigan State University history.

The freshman class is built up of approximately 8,150 students, an increase of 350 students from the freshman class before.

“Admissions is more of an art than a science,” said the Senior Associate Director of Admissions, Mike Cook.

An increase of freshmen has meant that campus is busier than usual. Photo credit: Julia Grippe

He explained how students are admitted based on a historical yield rate, basically saying that they compare the amount of students admitted into MSU and the amount that actually decided to attend from the previous years.

“We figure out how many are qualified, then we have to compare numbers from the past to help us estimate the amount of admitted students that will decide to attend,” he said.

It could be the awesome atmosphere, the friendly people, great academics and athletics, or possibly even the Dairy store ice cream, but MSU just seems to have it going on.

“The interest in Michigan State has increased,” was how Cook put it.

Now considering all the new freshmen we have, the question that arises is how will they all fit?

MSU has one of the largest college campuses in the nation. Yet even with that, there were still approximately 942 freshman assigned to transitional housing, according to Laura Cole, assistant manager for the Housing Assignments Office.

“Transitional housing is an arrangement in which rooms are converted to house one additional student, typically on a temporary basis. Due to the steady increase of students at MSU, the demand for on-campus housing has increased over the years.  This year, as in years past, a small number of students in each residence hall will be placed in a transitional housing assignment,” said Cole. “As cancellations come in, transitional rooms are broken down and students are placed in permanent housing assignments as soon as possible. Each student in a transitional housing assignment will receive a rebate on their student account for the time they are in the assignment.”

Parking for bikes has been one of the cons to the surplus of incoming freshmen. Photo credit: Julia Grippe

Assuming that there would be more students in transitional housing than ever, considering the size of this freshman class, Cole said that there were actually less transitionally housed students this year than last year.

However, for the past two years, there have been higher numbers due to the fact that two residence halls have been off line for renovation both years, along with two of the largest freshmen classes ever.

Taylor Winchester, a kinesiology freshman from Grand Rapids, was placed in transitional housing upon the first few weeks of living here.

“When I first was assigned to transitional housing, I was nervous about having to settle somewhere and then be uprooted and have to move to another dorm” she said.

Winchester was placed with four other girls (five total) in a dorm room in Akers Hall. Typically Akers dormitories hold four people per room. As you might guess, her room was a little crammed.

“I mean we’re girls, we have a lot of stuff…” she laughed. She also said she was very fortunate to live with awesome girls and they all got along really well. The downfall of course being that there were just a lot of things for one room.

Eventually they received an email from the housing department telling them they would have a few days to decide who was going to move out. As expected, this was a very tough decision.

“The situation was all kind of hard and the process was long, but eventually it ended up working out,” she said. “Over all my experience with transitional housing was an adventure and I wouldn’t have had it any other way because I was fortunate enough to live with four amazing girls instead of just three,” Winchester said.

From across the Red Cedar and throughout one side of campus to the next, be prepared to see many new freshman faces ecstatic to finally be at their new home for the next four years. Can you really blame them though? Our Spartan family will only grow more and more as the interest in MSU expands!


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