1. Per @DannySheridan1, Le’Veon Bell’s current odds on winning next year’s Heisman are 75:1. (@L_Bell24) #msu #spartans

2. Izzo, simply the best coach in America http://tinyurl.com/72lq6ux #msu #michiganstate

3. my roommate just dropped some crazy news to me #sleepwalking

4. Love that michigan people are asking to come up here to party… ill be damned if i every go back to U of M to party

5. The only valentine I received today was from my Grandma. Let me tell you that she’s the best valentine anyone could ever ask for

6. merging onto the sidewalks at msu are like merging on to a 4 lane highway #dangerous #livinglifeontheedge

7. I always think people get too in to msu basketball, but then i turn on spartan hockey and i understand… #gogreen

8. #worstdecisionofmylife Two 8:30s and an 8 am

9. I feel like a bird is gonna fly out from this guy’s dreads sitting in front of me #cleanupdude

10. Damn, some kid just out walked me to the last strawberry smoothy at Brody You got to let the dude who can barely walk get that Smh #cmonman

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