1. “my bank account took quite the hit this weekend. definitely sparty’d out for the weekend. #worthit #gogreen

2. “Poor U of M fans they are running out of reasons why they lost, can’t accept the fact that Denard is NOT a qb. #MSU“-devalu1981

3. “I usually see a lot of UM apparel while about in metro Detroit on Sundays. Hardly any today. Hmm… #MSU #PaintingTheStateGreen“-SaraAmanda

4. “#MSU wins, and #Redwings win. #Lions tried, and #Tigers blow. Oh well.”

5. Spartans up to 13 in USA Today/Coaches Pollhttp://tinyurl.com/3rr3ny3 #msu #michiganstate

6. “SportsCenter is comparing Wes Welker to Megatron. Welker is good, but Megatron is on a completely different level. #lions

7. “This girl was cute, then I noticed her michigan hoodie.”

8. “You cant climb a cat to get anywhere”

9. “#MSU 1st class to sweep Michigan… since Freshman couldnt play till 1972 @MikeValenti971

10. BREAKING: ESPN’s @CollegeGameDay just confirmed they will be coming to East Lansing for MSU’s matchup with Wisconsin next Saturday. #MSU

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