Michigan is perfect growing crops AND musicians! Check out these local bands and artists who are working their way to the top.


Hometown: Detroit

Genre: “Bop” or “Tropical” (according to their Facebook and Myspace)

Why you should check them out: They love Detroit! They constantly do shows at home and go out on tour. Their sound isn’t quite calming, but isn’t quite loud and I don’t know that I would quite call it tropical, but it would definitely fit in on the island scene. Definitely an indie band with their own unique style.

Check them out on Facebook or their website.

Tree Hut Kings

Hometown: Ann Arbor and East Lansing, MI

Genre: Jazz/Funk

Why you should check them out: True to the area, Tree Hut Kings constantly play at the Loft in Lansing. This four piece band packs a lot of punch into their groove-inspired songs, and they love to jam!

Check them out on Facebook or their website.

The Satin Peaches

Hometown: Detroit

Genre: Rock

Why you should check them out: Again, lovers of Detroit. But much different sound than the above band. Influenced by classic rock, Satin Peaches add their own modern sound and give a dedicated, energetic show.

Check them out on Facebook or their website.

Abigail Stauffer

Hometown: Ann Arbor

Genre: Acoustic/Folk

Why you should check her out: She’s fresh out of college and it’s not even for music! Linguistics major at U of M, Abigail writes and records her own musics and constantly performs in Michigan. Inspired Regina Spektor and Sufjan Stevens (another homegrown artists), Abigail has a soft and delicate sound with a lot of emotion.

Check her out on Facebook and her website.

Frontier Ruckus

Hometown: Metro Detroit

Genre: “Minutia-Obsessed Memorialism” according to their Facebook, but I’d say acoustic/folk

Why you should check them out: Up and coming and impressing many, Frontier Ruckus recently played a show at the Loft that many students enjoyed. I hear banjo, I hear keyboard, I hear trumpet and many other instruments in their, as they put it, “existential” sound. Very interesting sound, but not in a bad way.

Check them out on Facebook or their website.

Got any homegrown bands that you love to listen to?? Let us know in the comment section below!

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