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You and your friends tweet status updates. Your professors tweet homework assignments. Your mom tweets to tell you to get enough vitamins. Let’s face it: Twitter is here to stay, and State Side is celebrating that fact by bringing you ten of the best, most school-spirity, most right-on, most hilarious tweets with a #MSU tag each month. @TheBigGreen. Get at us.

Can anyone tell me why #MSU doesn’t recognize President’s Day? (@benjac33)

In 3 days, I’ve kissed center court of the Breslin & played music on the carillon in Beaumont Tower… How many #MSU students can say that? (@j_tink)

MSC smoke stack is the iconic image of #MSU removing it is like removing the #spartystatue (@danbaker09)
Not impressed with the #MSU snow removal team. Come on guys, you should have this down to an art by now.#forgingmyownsidewalk (@leahadelaide)
SOME DUDE IS EATING DAMN BBQ IN COMM ARTS #msu #michiganstateuniversity (@_droo)
Probably should have spent more/any time at the #MSU library while in school. I get a ton done here. (@bcclist)
gettin yelled at by #msu personel (@NiteDiver69)
Watching the debut of the film, Kings of Flint, on PBS right now Here’s a previewhttp://bit.ly/9QFXnG #MSU (@Rick_Mason)
Ok. What’s Harder ISS Or ISB?????#MSU (@LickMy_Tweet)
as big as #msu is, i wonder sometimes why their technology sucks a lot of the time? http://twitpic.com/44vvuv (@LK_Kotlarczyk)

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