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You and your friends tweet status updates. Your professors tweet homework assignments. Your mom tweets to tell you to get enough vitamins. Let’s face it: Twitter is here to stay, and State Side is celebrating that fact by bringing you ten of the best, most school-spirity, most right-on, most hilarious tweets with a #MSU tag each month. @TheBigGreen. Get at us.

10. mciranna Just took me 30 minutes to find a parking spot on #MSU campus!? What gives??

9. MIFarmersFeedUS Looking for a unique #holiday #gift? Consider holiday cheese from the #MSU #Dairy Club! #agchat #foodchat #Christmas

8. jaimejean478 This new Zeke needs to go back to frisbee training camp. #msu

7. ValentineIsME RT @IRW2say: @Janie624 Wonder how my roommie got into #MSU. #irw2say Wonder if his transcripts somehow got switched wth a smart person’s?

6. bouckkei I keep thinking to last Thursday where I had been to three bars and in bed by 9pm. #burgerama #msu #elansing

5. MrBroadwayy Forget a peacoat ! I’m gettin a north face!!!! This weather at #MSU is serious!!

4. TiffanyNicoleCo Presidential chicken 🙂 #MSU

3. boyerca1 My bus driver is talking to himself and saluting everyone. I’m concerned for my  safety. Thank you #msu CATA…

2. TharealJHouse Taking all bets on a over\under on how many #MSU players get arrested during the bye wk @ricofonzarelli @black_ty @LifesNotAGame @Duane_M

1. PObox_Shannon mmm… I’m about to get a dub, and it’s going to be glorious. #MSU

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