MSU Power Plant in Trouble With State, Campus Groups

The MSU power plant has a dirty little secret: coal. The Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE) heard testimony today concerning self-reported excess emissions of nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide. The T.B. Simon power plant produces enough energy for the entire MSU campus, but in doing so allegedly violated its Renewable Operating Permit with […]

The Vogue Project

Imagine sitting down in the cafeteria and instead of reading the news or looking at those triangle things on the table, a new, free, fashion magazine is staring back. Lauren and Julie Christopherson and Kerry Chereskin all came together in hopes of launching a new fashion magazine for MSU. The Vogue Project was their idea […]

Free Falling for Food

It’s college, right? When textbooks run $500 a semester and paying a parking meter is difficult, some students are looking for ways to eat for free. A growing number of MSU students are finding an alternative way of getting their groceries, and let’s just say this practice requires a strong stomach. Dumpstering or dumpster diving is, well, […]

Student Group Scouting for African Health Care

Once a week, giant bananas roam around campus giving out free goodies. They’re not out to promote fruit or make people think they’d smoked too much pot before class; they’re saving Africa. SCOUT BANANA is a non-profit organization that works to raise awareness for health care in some of Africa’s neediest areas. Started by a […]