For this month’s Hot & Healthy, check out Bri’s Fried Cooters!   The perfect treat to set out on the table for a tasty appetizer before the big meal this Thanksgiving.  I mean, everybody loves Cheerios, so why not fry them up and sprinkle them with salt?  Sounds strange, yes, but let this video demonstration convince you:

And once you’re done nibbling on your Cooters, try this circular (get it? Cheerios are circular, too) sex position with your partner!


The receiver lies on their stomach with arms raised above their head with a pillow placed under their pelvis for the sake of comfort.  With the receiver’s legs spread slightly, the giver imitates the receiver’s position on top of them and slides on inside.  Instead of thrusting, the receiver starts a circular, swirling motion.  Why?

Well, according to the reliable source of Cosmopolitan in such matters, it just feels better.  The subtle motions will also delay the giver’s climax, and the receiver can even swirl their hips a bit to increase the impact of that sensual swirling motion.

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