Greetings TBG Followers and Friends,

The leaves aren’t the only ones changing colors this fall- The Big Green is hopping into the new school year with a new Web site, new publishing schedule and new staff members!emily1

The creation of this Web site was generously supported by Campus Progress and established by CoPress. A lot of work went into working out all of the kinks, and this first issue is a testament to a lot of hard work by everybody involved. If you have comments, compliments or criticism on our new look, I urge you to leave them below on our new comment feature.

In an attempt to become more internet-savvy, TBG is also revamping its publishing schedule. Instead of having to wait a whole month for stories you’ll be able to find stories from two sections (State Side and Arts & Culture) here on the first of every month, and stories from Global View and Sex & Health on the 15th. Between those times we’ll be putting up the fun stuff– multimedia– and timely stuff, like music reviews. So don’t expect us to read like a print publication anymore, you’ll have to keep checking back for new content!

We also have a bumper crop of new Editors:

Megan Durisin (State Side)

Brandon Kirby (Sex & Health)

Theresa Gasinski (Global View)

Marla Kalmbach (Arts & Culture)

Kaleigh Robichaud (Associate)

Mallory Hines (Associate)

So get excited, because this year TBG means business. We’re getting stuff done and taking names (to cite sources, but still). Please poke around our new site, and I look forward to your feedback.


Emily Lawler

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