Dear readers,
Well, here it is, the ninth and last issue of TBG for this school year. May came along unexpectedly fast, and now instead of mapping out next month’s storyboard, I am paging through every issue from this year, and damn it’s been a good one. The launch of our Year in Review print issue just a few days ago topped it all off perfectly, and if you’d like to check it out before you pick one up on campus or at local bookstores and coffee shops, click here.
This issue may mark the end of my TBG career, but I really think TBG just might outlive us all. And if not for that long, then definitely through next year because the incoming editorial board is pretty amazing. I know I’m excited to make the transition to the other side of the computer screen as one of you – a loyal reader, and page through what next year’s crew comes up with.
So, thanks to all of this year’s writers who wrote, revised, and then revised some more and to our fabulous designers who pulled through every month. And an enormous thank you goes out to the best group of editors I know. No monthly issue, launch party, print issue, or much of anything would have happened without you. And I miss edit nights already.
But most of all, thanks for reading. We know you’re out there somewhere and we appreciate your support. Enjoy your summer hiatus and stay tuned for September 1.

Katie Sulau

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