Dear readers,
Say hello to our March issue! It’s full of folk, farming, fashion and so many other topics that don’t fit into my alliteration scheme. March is already a month to be celebrated –- the 20th is first day of spring, the luck of the Irish comes our way on the 17th, and spring break finally hits on the 9th. So, add TBG to your list of things to be excited about and enjoy waking up from winter this month.
In other news, remember this poem?
ice-cream seduction
By Zach Nichols
trust me—it’s just like the kid-rhyme,
take her to DQ and
she’ll scream for it.

you can pick up the virgins at church and
take them to Coldstone—
a cherry every Sunday.

It was one of the few selected as a winner in our annual poetry contest two years ago. The contest is back and the winners will be published in our April issue! To all the poets out there, we want to hear what you have to say about love, war, ice cream, anything. Send your entries in a word document to Arts and Culture editor Laura Martin at by March 15th and look for the TBG Annual Poetry Contest winners in next month’s issue.
Thanks for reading.
Katie Sulau

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