It can be tough when you walk into Meijer just the day after Christmas and you’re hit with a flood of red and pink Valentines Day paraphernalia. Instantly you are reminded that for the third year in a row you have no significant other to celebrate with. Perusing the mall, overhearing conversations and walking through the halls of MSU’s buildings all seem to scream “Love is in the air!” But for you, your air is clouded with dread and annoyance.
The coveted chocolates and flowers your roommate always seems to get? You can be sure they will not be coming your way. And plans for a fancy dinner and movie night? Not this year. Let’s face it: You’re single, and there could not be a worse time to feel so alone.
However, amidst the Cupid-craze many single college students are starting to view Valentines Day as a holiday to get together with friends and do something fun and outside of the mundane everyday routine. Having no significant other or swanky date lined up is no excuse to sit at home on the 14th – unless of course, you are sitting at home with your other fabulous single friends making the best out of your holiday.
[candyhearts]Check out some fun and inexpensive ways to have fun, spend time with the ones closest to you and to feel a little love on the most sentimental day of the year. You will never view being single the same way again.

Singles Stick Together
For Danielle Brimmeier, a junior psychology student, spending Valentines Day with her other single friends is the best way to avoid feeling alone and depressed about your love life.
“It used to really bother me if I was ever single on Valentine’s Day, especially if I had a boyfriend for it the previous year because the day is so focused on having a significant other,” Brimmeier says. “It can really make a person feel bad about not having a boyfriend or girlfriend. It can hurt some girls to see other girls receiving typical Valentine’s Day gifts and talking about what they have planned with their boyfriend.” [rhi]
To help avoid this disappointment, try making plans with your other single friends and focus more on the friendships you DO have rather than the exclusive relationships you do not. You are more likely to enjoy yourself and your time on Valentine’s Day if you are with people who are not so focused on the lovey-dovey and intimate aspects of the holiday.
Try throwing a finger food and cocktail party at your apartment and tell everyone to dress up for the occasion. Or even better, make the dress code strictly red or pink. Keeping the get together upbeat and fun will have all your guests in high spirits.

Night on the Town
MSU students really are fortunate to go to school in a place as great as East Lansing. The amount of businesses in and around campus and East Lansing that cater to students’ needs are a refreshing addition to an already impressive Spartan experience.
Kelsey Morley, a marketing sophomore student, said that Grand River Avenue is packed with fun things to do, especially when you spend most of your nights stuck in your dorm studying – or wasting time on Facebook.
“There are so many restaurants that feature various types of food and drinks and are all accessible by CATA, that it is impossible to not get out and have fun with your friends,” Morley said. “Every time my girlfriends and I head out for the day or night, it turns into an adventure because we always discover something new and exciting.”
If you’re a sushi-lover, try Ai Fusion Sushi and Grill on Grand River next to Hobby Lobby. In just the last year they renovated the front portion of their restaurant to accommodate for private parties in sectioned-off rooms. The best part is that the floor underneath the tables has been dug out to duplicate the Japanese experience of dining while sitting on the floor. The food is tasty and reasonably priced. [dan]
Or if you are more of the artsy type and want to channel your inner creativity, a trip to Playing Picasso in the Frandor Plaza may do the trick. A paint-your-own pottery studio, you can walk in, select your piece of pottery – they have everything from serving platters, toothbrush holders, frames and travel mugs – paint it to your liking and then come back in a few days to pick up the finished product once it’s been glazed and fired in the oven. The final results look incredible regardless of artistic ability, and they make great gifts for everyone.
Is dancing and music more your scene? Try out any of the popular East Lansing bars – Ricks never fails and the basement of Harpers looks great after their renovations last summer – or venture into Lansing to see what they have to offer. “My girlfriends and I have been talking about going to Spiral for Valentine’s Day, and since Spiral is a gay bar, it is a perfect place to go to just dance and have fun unbothered by guys,” Brimmeier said.

Back to the Basics
Since Valentine’s Day this year falls on a Saturday rather than a school night, for those who have hometowns close to MSU, going home could be the perfect getaway for the holiday. Sometimes with all the commercialism surrounding Valentine’s Day, it is easy to forget why we celebrate the 14th of February in the first place. Showing your love and support for your family just by spending time with them is the best gift you could give and is something your parents and siblings will treasure for years.
“It’s not the first thing that comes to mind when I plan out my Valentine’s Day,´ said Iowa State junior and accounting major Kyle Roggensack, “but spending the night or day with your family and doing something as simple as playing board games and having dinner together, is a refreshing change from the normally anticipated Valentine’s Day activities.¨
There are tons of games out there that are fun for all members of the family. Roggensack said Apples to Apples is one of his family’s favorites since his 7-year-old brother can join in on the fun, but old-time favorites like Monopoly and Scrabble, and newer games like Mad Gab and Would You Rather are exciting options as well.
Even better, if your mom or dad is single, why not take them out on a special date since they might be feeling just as single as you do? And if that is not the case and you are a single girl looking for a little love, you can always do what one anonymous sassy single chick suggested to me: Call up your main man (a.k.a Daddy) and ask for a little T.L.C.
“When all else fails, calling home and giving a little ‘Daaadddddyyyy! But, but, but you’re the only man in my life!’ usually elicits chocolate, jewelery and nicer gifts.”

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