Hello readers!

This month The Big Green has exploded into the Internet scene. Sure, being an online magazine means the Web has been our lifeline for six years, but now you can catch us on so many of your other favorite websites besides www.thebiggreen.net. Our YouTube channel is up and running with a montage of video footage from our sledding crawl (that can also be seen in this issue) and a friendly hello from State Side editor Emily Lawler. You can follow TBG all day everyday because we are now Twittering and tweeting all over the place. Hop on Twitter and add us to your list. A Facebook fan page is also in the works so look out for that and if you have any other suggestions as to how The Big Green can take over the Internet please fill us in by writing a letter!
Before you get sucked into YouTube videos, pokes, and tweets make sure you take some time to enjoy our February issue. You will move on to your next Internet endeavor with a deeper appreciation for Native American powwows, a reason to go see MSU’s production of The Vagina Monologues, and a few recipes to spice up your college cuisine routine. What more could you ask for?

Have a great February. Keep in touch.
Katie Sulau

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