A sledding crawl sounded like a great idea before we realized East Lansing is flat. The less than mountainous terrain we live on caused our dreams of an ambitious list of sledding hills to dwindle to two spots. But those two spots left everyone but Jordan sledded-out. He claimed he’d be back every weekend.
[sledding1]It looked like we were the only people awake at noon on a cold Sunday morning in East Lansing. We gathered at the Union and caravanned to the first (and best) sledding site, Frandor Hill. Maybe we just made that name up. There were no signs that pointed us to the site, but our seasoned sledding experts and reliable sources pointed us to Marshall Music’s backyard by the Frandor shopping center. Sure enough, we found a surprise of a hill. Compared to other hills in East Lansing, this one is larger than life. Drag your sled to the top and you’ll see the “Sled at your own risk” sign planted in the snow. All of a sudden our sledding crawl got badass.
Our scrounged up sleds and cafeteria trays took us screaming down Frandor Hill. The speed, the out-of-nowhere jumps, the powder in our faces…it all left us exhilarated. And freezing. Some of us decided not to use sleds at all and just throw ourselves down the slope in a silver metallic coat. We sledded it out through the numb hands, stinging cheeks, snow down the pants and the neighborhood kid who greeted us at the top with, “College kids, go away!” It was a wild ride, but on our way down the hill we were left asking ourselves, “Why go anywhere else?” [sledding2]
We went somewhere else anyway. That somewhere was McDonald Middle School on Burcham Road. Our experience there leads me to believe Frandor is the place for sledding and McDonald is the place for somersaults. Backwards somersaults in feet of snow. On a scale of one to 10, Emily and Jordan’s winter gymnastic performance earned a 20. The rest of the time we pretended we still loved sledding. The hill by the school’s baseball field had some definite speed to it, but the slope was nothing compared to Frandor. After a few pity runs, we called it a day. Or at least we thought we did until Katie’s car got stuck in the snow and a man showed up out of nowhere and used a cafeteria tray to dig her out. Apparently we found a snow angel of a different sort.
We call TBG’s First Annual Sledding Crawl a raging success. If you don’t believe us (or even if you do), check out the video footage from the day below.

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