Darwin Discovery Day
February 8, MSU Museum
Ever wonder exactly how we evolved from our primate cousins? Learn more about the creator of the evolution at the MSU Museum.

Artist Reception: Andrew Rieder
February 1 – February 25, Lansing Art Gallery
Rieder challenges conventional art using oil paint and permanent marker to create provocative images that aim to break down stereotypes.


A Benefit For The People Of Gaza
February 8, Small Planet
Enjoy hip-hop while supporting the people of a place in distress.

The Toaster
February 15, Mac’s Bar
Enjoy the collision of jazz and rock with this all American group.

Professors of Jazz
February 27, Music Building Auditorium
These profs break down the “boring teacher” stereotype with their jazzy musical expression.

Frontier Ruckus
Feb 7, Scene Metro Space
Scene Metro Space presents this popular local folky group.

Star Farm
Feb 14, Dublin Square
Bust out your leg warmers and check out this 80’s cover band.

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