Hello TBG readers,
Let’s just assume you have been living the good life for a few days, or even weeks now. You have been gorging yourself full of holiday food, sleeping in to an ungodly hour and ringing in New Years with a little debauchery here and there. You have done nothing but exert yourself. So, go ahead. Sit down, unbutton your pants to make room for the holiday feasts, nurse your New Years hangover, and start another 365 days off right with The Big Green.
I am looking forward to starting the second half of our year off right with the first annual TBG sledding crawl. We will be combing East Lansing for the slopes with the most sledding potential, and in our February issue we will fill you in on the hills that will leave you in ecstacy as well as the lamest slopes in town. Lookout for that.
In this issue, dig into the world of budding avatar romances with “Second Life Sexuality.” Get the scoop on the ongoing debate over high fructose corn syrup’s health benefits and detriments in “Awfully Sweet” and find out what you can do to change a first semester grade that you think is questionable in “A+ for Effort.”
This issue marks our more than halfway point for the year. But it is not all downhill from here. We are expecting many of the projects we have set our sights on all year, like a website redesign, to come to life in the next few months. Our annual print issue is still on track to be published at the end of the year and we have a few other tricks up our sleeve that will keep you informed and entertained. In the mean time, keep reading on the first of every month and every day there after.
And if you would like to tell us something, send us a letter. We would love to hear from you.
Katie Sulau

Campus Progress

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