Katie Sulau
Editor-in-Chief [katie]
When it comes to New Years resolutions I can take them or leave them. But since making one has been brought to my attention, it looks like in 2009 I will take them. In the winter months I want to not curse the cold and grey when I walk outside in March and feel the subzero temperatures and the whipping wind lingering. In the summer months I promise to reapply my SPF 50. And throughout every of 2009’s seasons, I’ll be mastering the “Single Ladies” dance.

Amanda Peterka [amanda]
Associate Editor
I stopped making New Year’s resolutions awhile ago. It’s not that I’m afraid I won’t keep them; it’s that if there’s something I want to change, I change it, regardless of if it’s New Year’s or not!

Nicole Nguyen [nicole2]
Associate Editor
My top priority for 2009 is to actually read all of the books I compulsively buy at Barnes and Noble. First on the list: The Enchantress of Florence, by Salman Rushdie.

Laura Martin[laura]
Arts and Culture Editor
Notes to Self for 2009:
1. Stop looking up every cough, pain, and aliment on Web M.D. It’s not a doctor, it’s a website and it will only fuel the hypochondriac lurking inside of you that you pretend doesn’t exist. And although Jeeves does look very professional in his suit, Ask.com is not a medical source either.
2. Stop buying cook books from Barnes and Noble. You already have “The College Guide to Cooking,” “Simple Eating” and “Cooking with under Three Ingredients”, purchasing “Cooking Simple in College With a Few Ingredients” would just be redundant.
3. If you insistent on buying cookbooks, start actually cooking, and microwaving pizza does not count.
4. Stop updating the interests you list on Facebook and actually take the time to enjoy them. You are clearly not too busy to take time out for hobbies or you wouldn’t have time to update your Facebook interests in the first place.

Brigid Kilcoin [brigid]
Global View Editor
My New Year’s resolution is to be more appreciative of the opportunities I have received in my life and the people that surround me, like my friends and family. I also would like to start running on a semi-frequent basis.

Emily Lawler
State Side Editor
[emily]Every year, I break at least one promise to myself. It isn’t just me that exhibits this dishonesty; people all over America come together every January first and vow not to participate in a myriad of activities. No more smoking, overeating, yelling, drinking soda… you name it, and somebody has given it up. I myself have attempted to give up most food groups (one year I wanted to be a fruitarian), a fair amount of habits (nail picking, gum chewing) and one religion (Catholicism). In all cases, I was back to sitting in church picking my nails and eating whatever I pleased within the week.
This year I’m going to cover all of my bases and just resolve to break my own rules whenever possible. Join me?

Jordan Barnes [jor]
Sex and Health Editor
It seems that with everything from buying Christmas presents, to leaving for class, to even (cough, cough) writing this resolution, everything in my life has been left to the last minute.
That’s why my new years resolution this year is to not procrastinate or leave things to the last minute.

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