Hello TBG readers,
We’re back and we’re happy you are too! A monumental year for The Big Green has already begun. Our staff of writers, photographers and designers is topping out at record numbers and my editorial team is already proving to be tireless, innovative and a constant source of entertainment. We are committed to working hard to bring you compelling issues stocked with quality stories on the first of every month.
Remember last year’s exciting news that The Big Green had been accepted to the Campus Progress network and granted $2,000? Well after a re-application process this summer, I received word in August that Campus Progress has welcomed us back to their network and is upping the ante with a $2,400 grant for our projects this year! Their monetary support gives us a strong backing for our ambitious list of initiatives. Expanding our advertising efforts, redesigning the website, enhancing our use of photography and bringing notable speakers to campus are just a few of the projects we have our sights on for now. And after two successful print issues, The Big Green’s year will culminate in a third that will come off the press and into your hands in late April.
Our Campus Progress sponsorship also makes us part of their nationwide network of alternative media publications on college campuses. Check out the Campus Progress website keep up on what other publications like ours are talking about.
Last year we watched our readership grow substantially, and knowing that our pack of avid supporters continues to increase keeps The Big Green growing and changing. If you have feedback for any of our stories or have an issue you’d like to sound off on yourself, please send us a letter. We would love to hear from you and include your voice in an issue of the The Big Green.
Thanks for adding a little green to your news diet.
Katie Sulau

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