It amazes me how beautiful this campus really is. As we come back to MSU for another year, I thought it would be nice to take a moment and look around.

Michigan State College still stays painted firmly on the MSU Power Plant smoke stack – a reminder of our schools beginnings. [msc]

This fountain and rotunda outside the Natural Science building is a popular spot to take a few moments to smell the flowers. [fountain1]

[redcedar3] If you haven’t gotten a chance to feed MSU’s ducks recently, this spot just outside the Hannah Administration Building is a perfect spot.

[aghall35] Agriculture Hall.


The Old Horticulture building and its recently renovated walkway. [[pillars2]]

Trees outside the Natural Science building showing off their fruit. [berries]


[johnhannahbig] John Hannah keeping step.

[spartystadium4] The epicenter of MSU; Spartan Stadium.

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