We’ve all experienced the “I have nothing to wear” dilemma. But instead of throwing out your clothes and criticizing your sense of style, read on for some dated fashion trends, taken right from campus. I began my journey with a keen eye out for those irritating trends that are usually overplayed. After observation, especially on the first floor of my dorm, I’ve created a list of ten fashion “don’ts.” If you’re a sucker for some of these things, get out of your comfort zone, because it’s about time these bad fashion habits change.
Uggs: Okay fine, in Michigan’s fine winter season, go ahead and wear your Uggs, but when the sun starts shining and the birds start chirping, it’s time to put them away. “I think Uggs are pretty ugly, I am not going to lie…I am very guilty of sporting them around campus,” design freshman Tommie Mianecki said. “They are just really comfortable and practical in the winter.” Keep in mind though, fashion is sometimes very impractical. Look around you, everyone has them! What ever happened to uniqueness as fashion?
[feet]Tennis shoes with jeans: I like to think we all have at least a small amount of natural fashion do’s and don’ts. If you’re going to dress up, it needs to be done from head to foot. “Wear shoes that compliment the cut of the leg,” design junior Alison Olex said. “Cute heels or flats look great with straight leg or skinny leg jeans.” Just because you walk all over them, all hours of the day, doesn’t mean your feet don’t need fashion attention. And tennis shoes usually don’t cut it.
Denim Capris: When I see them, they sort of shout “middle school,” to me and other students. “They can look a bit trashy and ‘7th grader-ish,'” no preference major Amanda Thompson said. Though they can be practical when it’s kind of warm, but not really warm enough for shorts, stick to the full-length blue jeans and throw on a cute summery shirt – works every time. “I just don’t think they are the hot new pant,” Mianecki said.
White Cami as an undershirt: Most of the time you can get away with showing a little skin, especially when the temperature starts to rise. Although I’ve worn my fair share of white undershirts, seeing this takes me back to a place in my childhood where fashion didn’t have many highs. A straight neck, white cami is a little on the boring side. “It’s okay,” Olex said. “Nothing special.” There are tons of choices, color never hurt anyone and plus, it’s spring. Flashy colors are always in style during the spring and summer. Even a black cami under low cut shirts is a much better option. You can never really go wrong with black.
Patterns: They can be done brilliantly or made an absolute mess. Many people make this mistake in an attempt to make their own style bold, but it often ends up looking gaudy as opposed to tasteful. “It shouldn’t be done for the most part,” Olex said. We’ve all seen the pictures from New York’s fashion week filled with bold patterns, and it very rarely looks like a disaster. “Designers learn about what shapes and colors go well together,” Olex said. “They take courses on design elements.” If you want your outfit to be bold, you only need one bold piece: for example, a gaudy necklace, colorful shoes, a patterned shirt or colorful tights.
Overalls: I know, I haven’t seen them in a while either. I do see that one pair once in a while, and normally I do a double take. “Everything seems to make a comeback,” Mianecki said. “But I think overalls are going to stay put in the closet for now.” So don’t even put them in your $1 bin at this summer’s garage sale – no one should be wearing them. “Some people can pull it off,” Mianecki said. “But most of the time, it seems like they are trying too hard.” And most fashionistas make style look effortless.
[boldness]Sparkle, Glitter and Sequins: For this fashion, we have the devoted – “Love, love, love them all,” Mianecki said – and we have the uncommitted, or those that can’t really stand it. “I think that wearing sparkles is really elementary and shouldn’t be done,” Thompson said. “Designers place them well on garments and use little amounts,” Olex said. Sequins are actually very in right now for a lot of big time designers. There seems to be a right and wrong way to play with these things, but if it’s done the wrong way, it makes the top ten “don’t” list. Do it the right way by using these scarcely.
Gauchos: Who doesn’t want to look 10 pounds heavier walking down the street? “I think that gauchos make girls appear to be larger,” Thompson said. “The cut of the fabric is not flattering to anyone’s body.” Gauchos had their time to shine and for now they’re out of the game. If paired with the right top, they could work, but it’s just a safer game to stay away from them. This spring and summer, go with dresses instead.
Jeans without back pockets: It may seem like you have to look for this fashion disaster, but believe it or not, they are still around. Just like shoes, they are sometimes looked at as a “help or harm” item. “If you have a small butt, they make it look flat,” Olex said. “If you’re a little more gifted in that area, it could help tone it down.” Jeans without back pockets are different from some other trends in that it kind of just took a straight shot right out of the fashion world. I’ve never once met someone that truly believes they’re cute.
Skirt with Leggings: My initial thought is this style is slightly overplayed. “I’m kind of over that look,” Mianecki said. When it was first introduced, girls everywhere loved the idea of being able to play with the average jean skirt. I guess the style just overstayed its welcome by a little, because now it comes off to me as a bit cliché. “My 9-year-old little sister wears skirts with leggings,” Thompson said. “People my age should not be doing the same.” All in all, don’t cover up so much.
So for all these fashion don’ts, try their counterparts this spring and summer. Go with riding boots instead of Uggs to make a statement. Put away that old worn out white cami and show some skin. If you love the idea of sparkle and sequins, buy products that use them sparingly, and avoid wearing the garments during the day; it’s more of a “night on the town” look. And instead of the traditional pair of capris, go with a stylish jean skirt – without the leggings of course. “People don’t realize that when it comes to boldness, sometimes less is more,” Thompson said. After all, knowing what not to wear will make solving that constant wardrobe question a little easier.

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